Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yiff Yiff! (That Girl is a Dog pt. 2)

FUCK YEAH!  Y'all need furry action to give erections to your pants?  Sometimes even the PSE or the GFE or the HME is enough for Eddie and these are the times in which he loves to yiff some cute Furry such as the beautiful young poodle to the right in the picture above!

GIVE LOVE in a playful furry fashion to your Ed and Eddie will be a good master, sure to be giving dog treats to all the pretty bitches!


voidhead said...

Now THAT's a fucking BBW!

Lil' Bow Wow said...


Baby Facehugger said...

I make babies into lil' mommies for my species.

Icepick_Messiah said...

I still would've hit it. Props, though.

"I only want you when you touch yourself."