Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Real PSE (more of the hat shit!)

IT would seem to me PSE includes hot uncovered oral [lots of fun licking and slurping], CIM, Facial, dirty talk, etc... and probably for some folks greek. Interested to see what others think. Price?? Name it girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL, I've seen such reviews on TER... $350 and up [US dollars]. So say in a 'stiff' place like Victoria I would think a premium is in order... start at $500 Canadian and go up from there to as high as................ ONEK?


PS.... PM me, I'm interested!!!!! :))


Brown Note said...

Sounds like a real pants shitting experience bud!

24-7 Boner said...

I'm ready to bang some chicks.

Clueless internet noob said...

What's a PM?