Monday, September 7, 2009

LIVE DEBATE CONVERGE!!! (best of October 08 pt. 1)


It was a heated debate tonight as Don Mcabe took on Block Omaha in a town hall! Questions were passed around the room by joe sixpack and Don repeatedly lost his temper! At one point he could be seen hitting himself in the face out of frustration, later he destroyed his pants. After a wardrobe change he was back on stage and on the offensive. Omaha continued in the role of the media's "dahhhhling". At one point Block was seen ripping off his shirt in a tactical wardrobe malfunction to reveal a giant American flag tatooed across his chest. This caused Don Mcabe to (again) remind everyone in the room about his three week stint in New Jersey's national guard during the summer of 62. After restraining a visible yawn George Stephenopolus eventually declared the debate dead in the water and placed a toe tag on each canidate. Until next tuesday this is Eddie E keeping all of you out there in the blogasfear infomed and up to date on the coming erections!


arnold (staff historian) said...

October 2008 was a high water mark for Not only did the blog contain the current record number of posts for one month (89) but it also moved shifting into high gear content-wise.

Culturally Eddie has never been more relevant as he turned his goddamn awesome eye towards American politics! In this blogpost, Eddie covers the landmark 2008 presidential debates from an "outside". There are those who claim that the outcome of the election might have been very different without Eddie's media eye!

Admiral Stockdale said...

Am I still alive? Where am I? How did I get here? What's a blog? Whaaa....?

Serial killer in training said...

Sexy question!