Friday, September 11, 2009

Why cant I? (Best of Feb. 09 pt. 1)

Who says that it can only be done one way! proves you wrong by doing it in a way that you like less! That is just how it can be, don't let any one tell you you can't do what you do because they don't do it like you!

DO everything with the same passion you would apply to filling up your gas tank or writing "rise" on the wall in blood.


arnold (staff historian) said...

In February Ed laid down his message loud and clear. He's going to do it his way, not yours. Lot's of people wish they could change that, but they can't. They wish Eddie would do it their way, but he won't. You are powerless to stop Eddie Entropy from doing things the way he does them. So listen up haters, Eddie is going to do what you don't like to do and he's going to do it in style!

DrDemento456 said...

Is this was suppose to come off as a best of post your effort was in vain. Sure you probably spent a lot of time making it but all it will be is experimental.