Saturday, September 5, 2009

Annual Shareholder's Report

In our last shareholder blog post, Your Lord and Savior, Eddie Entropy referred to the “turbulence” and “unprecedented” nature of events that had taken place during the preceding months. We did not know when the cycle would end or the extent of the damage it would cause. But we did know that we had to “prepare for a severe economic downturn.” Collectively, we resolved to navigate through the tough conditions, to help our readers in every way we could and to show leadership in the blogspot industry, as has been our legacy during times of crisis.

It is now a year later. What transpired was largely unprecedented and virtually inconceivable. tried to meet every challenge, and, in the process, we distinguished ourselves in our amazing god damned mother fucking blogposts. Although our page view results were weak in absolute terms (but fairly good in relative terms), reflecting terrible blogging conditions, Our Eddie believes—and He hope you agree—that this year may have been one of our finest.

The way forward will not be easy. We do not know what the futrue will bring, but we do know that it will require everyone—the blogs, the regulator and — to work together and get it right. As we prepare for a very tough second year of blogging, with most signs pointing to continued deterioration of the blogging community, we still remain long-term optimists about our futrue and that of our country. Whatever may come, we will meet the challenge.

In this blog post, Eddie will describe our first year performance by line of business and review the many critical events of the previous year. Eddie also will focus on where the god damned blogging industry went wrong (see Diablo Cody) and what the implications for the future may be. Your Eddie hopes, after reading this blog post, you will share in Our Eddie's confidence in our ability to build a stronger, more vibrant for the future.


Wallstreet said...

The market just crashed thanks to this blog.

Ryan Anders said...

Where have the gay porn and donkey sex links gone? Those were easily the best thing to appear on this blog!

Horse Cock said...

I got your shareholder's report right here pal!